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by Kittie
Apr 21, 2013 14:05:43 GMT -4
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11 24 Status Ailment Guidebook
by Nekayne
Mar 11, 2013 23:27:39 GMT -4
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If you require any assistance whatsoever, post your questions here and a staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

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by Midnight
Jul 11, 2012 4:54:36 GMT -4
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660 829 ZapdosZulu: A HG/SS Pokemon Roleplay (12+ Years and Going)
by Caramell
Mar 7, 2020 11:50:42 GMT -4

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25 113 Please, allow me to introduce myself...
by GreenStone
May 27, 2013 0:10:35 GMT -4
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32 117 Off to Florida :3c
by Kittie
May 16, 2013 15:47:06 GMT -4
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Here you can post your creative works - whether they be artwork, poetry, literature, or even a simple journal entry.

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14 56 *throws my doodles out there*
by lost
Jan 3, 2013 15:19:13 GMT -4
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Here members are required to post their character's profiles. Please review the revised Profile Template for important information before submitting your profiles! WIPs are allowed, just PM an admin when you're finished so they can review it.

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Sub-boards: Accepted Trainers, Accepted Breeders, Accepted Night Police, Accepted Sol Resistance

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If you are looking to plot with someone, or are perhaps looking for your character to meet with some others, this is the place to come to.

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Create a thread here for all your thread-tracking needs.

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The World of Noctis

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No New Posts Winchester Town

Winchester Town is the first town in Noctis. The Professor’s Trio Laboratory and the Day Care Center are located here, providing beginning trainers their necessary companions to start their adventure. It’s a quaint, unimpressive town surrounded by rural countryside with the dangerous Forbidden Peaks and the whimsically titled Meadow of Glee set as an interesting backdrop.

Sub-boards: Professor Trio's Lab, Day Care Center, Meadow of Glee, The Forbidden Peaks

16 104 The Adventure Begins [MOD]
by secrets
May 27, 2013 17:31:12 GMT -4
No New Posts Route #01

The first route on your journey gently slopes away from the grassy fields and farmlands. The soft, fluttering grass beneath your feet gradually becomes more damp and wild. The path turns to mush as you approach the swamp; be careful not to slip.

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No New Posts The Abhorrent Swamp

The swamp is designated as the first real area, wedged between Route #1 and Balsam Town. Those who trek through this swamp are wise to be wary – the swamp is full of eccentricities. The native Astonishing Flashing Zubat is one prime example of its unpleasant denizens, often offering unsuspecting trainers a rather exuberant display of its manhood. There is a rumor that an elderly shaman and his young, bewitching daughter reside in this swamp as well – but rumors are just rumors, aren’t they?

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No New Posts Balsam Town

The town offers trainers a refreshing experience after being forced to endure the swamp’s indecency. The majority of the residents here are horticulturists; floristries, garden-oriented shops, and hardware stores are plentiful along the streets, providing the residents with the means to support themselves. A merchant’s shop offering trainers the basic Pokemon-item related stock is situated in the heart of the town, right beside a conveniently placed Pokemon Center – Astraea’s Gym is located directly across from these two locations. The massive conservatory is quite possibly the largest building in the entire town and is difficult to miss due to its stature, even with the town’s extravagant flora.

Sub-boards: Astraea's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

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No New Posts Route #02

The aesthetically-pleasing extravaganza of flora doesn’t stop at Balsam Town; in fact, it overflows into the next route. Patches of berry bushes dot the edges of the beaten path, providing Pokemon and trainers alike a variety of berries to choose from. The route eventually converges on Ananta Forest, leading trainers to the following area in the Noctis region.

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No New Posts Ananta Forest

Ananta Forest is nearly impenetrable because of its heavy overgrowth; the dense foliage practically overruns the entire area. Despite its treacherous (or perhaps because of it) environment, a diverse multitude of Pokemon reside in this forest, offering trainers a bountiful catch – that is, if they can catch the elusive Pokemon. There is a rumor of a certain legendary that sleeps, unperturbed, in the heart of the forest – most trainers consider this simple mythical lore, for no one has been able to confirm this rumor as truth.

Moderators: Nekayne, Midnight, Kittie

Sub-board: The Enchanted Shrines

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No New Posts Cassiopeia Village

Cassiopeia Village is a small village powered solely on solar power, windmills, back-up generators, and electricPokemon. The residents here are eco-friendly and very adamant about preserving Mother Nature's precious presence. They are generally a peaceful and overall friendly community, sharing with weary travelers whatever food, water, and other resources that they can spare. Ohlma's Gym can be found here, nestled in the valley that surrounds the village.

Sub-boards: Ohlma's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

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No New Posts Route #03

Stonesprit Bridge can be seen in the distance from Route #03. The sparse fringe of the forest dominates the right side of this route, while the rocky cliff face on the left oversees the neighboring river.

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No New Posts Stonesprit Bridge

The Stonesprit Bridge connects routes 3 and 4. Eager fishermen gather here in search of rare fish and to brag about their recent catches. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the distant waterfall. At the end of the bridge is a retired nurse who has set up a bed and breakfast to offer weary travelers a good night's rest underneath a solid roof.

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No New Posts Route #04

Very similar to route 3, but without the neighbouring forest. This route is often damp with spray from the nearby waterfall. Up ahead you can see the impending cliff face. The path seems to cut off mysteriously just before the waterfall, and a house marked with tourist information is to the side. Grass and water types love this area.

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No New Posts Naida City

Naida City is shielded from the naked eye by a glamorous waterfall. Because of its location, those who aren’t actively searching for it generally bypass it completely. Those who are determined enough (and have decent resources, such as a wonderfully albeit expensive map) will be completely blown away by this cavernous city that was literately carved from the precious gemstones that developed within the passages of this cave system. The city itself is a large community that easily thrives upon the mining industry that provides Noctis with its jewels and precious evolutionary stones. Gaheris Smithson’s Gym is the third in the circuit and is located at the very heart of the city.

Sub-boards: Smithson's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

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No New Posts Route #05

Route 5 begins beyond Naida - that is to say, deep within the caverns. Stalactites and stalagmites garnish the glittering rocky walls of the route. The main route is fairly well lit, but there are plenty of pitch black tunnels that lead you deeper into the caves that require Flash to explore.

Sub-board: Ice Path

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No New Posts Nekayne City

If you can find your way out of the complex cave system of Route #05, Nekayne City is a just stone’s throw away. The beautifully rustic city offers newcomers a steampunk vibe with an added modern flair thrown in. Seraphina’s Gym is one of many attractions of the olden city and is popular amongst all trainers hankering for a challenge. Not only does it attest to the city’s heritage for superfluous architecture, but it also stands as a testament to the locals’ love for heights. The gym is located on the top floor of the tallest tower in the city – and as an added bonus, the gym’s elevator is generally out of commission.

Sub-boards: Seraphina's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall, Rusty's Tavern

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No New Posts Route #06

The area surrounding route 6 is hilly terrain, with common stretches of rocky terrain. There aren't many trees in sight. The route is mainly grassy plain and rock shield. Plenty of grazing pokemon call this route home.

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No New Posts Alixine City

On the coast of Lahti Bay sits Alixine City. This city is one of the biggest cities in the Noctis region and is home to a large entertainment district. You're sure to see plenty of artists and musicians working their craft in the city. There's no shortage of swimwear shops either - considering the distance to the beach. Deep in the downtown area you can find the poison gym.

Sub-boards: Corry's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

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No New Posts Lahti Bay

Before you, the path opens up into a wide expanse of sandy shore. The bay is quiet and calm on most days; the water perfectly still. The lake is fed by a considerably rougher river which leads up to the Naida waterfall. The bay is a beautiful vacation spot in the summer.

Sub-board: Cliodhna Village

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No New Posts Colombo Island

Colombo Island is a tropical, balmy get-away for those weary travelers who sorely need a good vacation. It offers a resort with views of the white sand beaches, and plenty of fun in the sun for those who desire a tan. If you can afford the price of traveling to this island, then you can come and enjoy what Colombo Island has to offer!

Sub-board: Polyxena Town

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No New Posts Route #07

Route 7 is a long, straight trail that cuts through a short tunnel in the mountain range and drops you straight into the dismal Mazelina City. But! Before you get to the grim town, you can enjoy the beachside trail that route 7 offers. It's warm and sunny most days, but does get the occasional thunderstorm.

Sub-board: Salt Cavern

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No New Posts Mazelina City

Mazelina City is a quaint city shrouded in a dense fog. The origin of this fog is unknown. Local legend describes the illustrious history of this city before it was suddenly plunged into darkness. The sun rarely shines on this city, and when it does, it rarely shines for very long. The people who reside in this city are often solemn, gloomy folk who have a tendency to keep to themselves - and for good reason. The gym leader here is Dumort, a foe who wields devilish ghost type pokemon.

Sub-boards: Dumort's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall, The Haunted Mansion

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No New Posts Grimmire Forest

Grimmire is a smaller forest than Ananta, but infinitely more difficult to traverse. It converges on the edges of Mazelina. The roiling fog from the nearby city seeps into the forest, reducing visibility substantially. The feral pokemon of this forest are infinitely more aggressive and liable to attack stumbling strangers. Be on your guard at all times - and bring a flashlight. Grimmire Forest has very little to no natural light of its own, so it's impossible to navigate without some kind of light.

1 1
No New Posts Sergius Desert

Sergius Desert is an expansive arid wasteland - there is very little human life within miles of any sustainable town. There are, however, outposts that are used as convenient checkpoint services. These are all marked on every character's maps - although it doesn't always do much good. The barren lifelessness of the desert is a constant during the day, only active during the night. The lack of landmarks (except the stubborn shrubbery that somehow exists in the desert) is disorienting to any trainer who hasn't gotten their bearings. People often go missing here for a reason, and their corpses aren't always found and identified.

Sub-board: Abandoned Laboratory

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No New Posts Fiammetta Town

If you've managed to cross Sergius Desert, congratulations. And welcome to Fiammetta Town, the only desert town in Noctis. It's reputed for saving many a beginning trainer in need. It's a small town, with a population living on the fringes of life. The line of shops available here sell all the necessities after a hazardous journey: food, water, and supplies. There's even a couple of motels scattered about. This town also includes the residential gym belonging to the fire gym leader Azari. This Flareon gym leader is known for her sizable reputation and is often spoke of in praise in public and in muted tones in private.

Sub-boards: Azari's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

4 5
No New Posts Route #08

The heat from Fiammetta town finally seems to be dying down as you approach route 8. The heat is not nearly as unbearable, and the sparse low-lying trees that populate this dusty tract of land offer some shade from the blaring sun, but not by much.

1 1
No New Posts Dionysia City

This loud and boisterous city seems to be in a constant state of frivolity. Dionysia is affectionately called the "Festival City", as the cityfolk are all big partiers. The streets are full of bright, loud colours. Costume and entertainment stores are commonplace. If you can push your way through the crowd to the biggest circus tent of them all, you can face the eighth and final gym leader in the Noctis circuit, Preston and his psychics.

Sub-boards: Preston's Gym, Beauty Contest Hall

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No New Posts Route #09

Route 9 starts directly after Dionysia's fairgrounds come to an end. The sudden thick brush is an abrupt change from the neon-lit festivities in the city. There is a path, but it is not very well worn and is often covered in thick grass. There are plenty of shrubs and berry trees along this route.

1 2
No New Posts Neith Lake

Neith Lake is a picture-perfect snapshot of one of the hottest vacation areas in Noctis during the summer and winter. There is a large dock at the end of route 9 where you can catch a ferry or surf to the famous Virtuoso City.

1 1
No New Posts Virtuoso City

Virtuoso is high-tech, but that doesn't mean that it's without crime. It has an entire underbelly of crime just teeming under the surface. The glamorous, glittering skyscrapers, advanced transportation system, and advanced technology in general is an elusive facade that dampens the worst of what happens within the poor illuminated areas of this city. The entire city is floating in the middle of Neith Lake, requiring you to either take a ferry or if you can't afford the ticket, a nice, flying or water Pokemon will do the trick. It is Noctis's capital, where the most important events are held. It is also where the most elite trainers come to challenge each other in the largest tournament in the region.

Sub-boards: Beauty Contest Stadium, The Underwater City

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No New Posts Route #10

This is it - this route will lead you to the renowned Elite Four. Or, not quite. This route leads you to Victory Road. The path is full of trainers that are sure to give you a run for your money, and the wild pokemon are nothing to sneeze at either. Make sure you're well prepared!

1 1

The Champion's League

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Victory Road

Victory Road is only for the victorious - and there have been many who have simply fallen short after getting this far. Will you be the one to succumb to the whims of fate before reaching the Stadium? Or will you persevere and conquer the well-deserved Title?

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No New Posts Elite Four Stadium

This is it, you're finally here! Well, sort of. There are four paths before you, each leading to the chamber of one of the Elite Four - the most highly touted trainers in Noctis, just below the Champion. The lobby of the stadium is equipped with many means of returning home - trainers with pokemon who know fly and teleport are eager to make a quick buck off of anyone who feels like chickening out. The chairs in the lobby are soft and cushy, perfect for a short rest after victory road! Heal up your pokemon and get ready for the toughest battles yet!

Sub-boards: Calleigh's Chamber, Titus' Chamber, Shydan's Chamber, Tristram's Chamber, Champion's Chamber

3 3
No New Posts Hall of Fame

Here is where the champions who have contested against the notorious Elite Four and have won will be listed.

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Night Police Headquarters

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Assigned Pokemon

Come here to pick up your assigned starter Pokemon.

1 1
No New Posts Briefing Room

Report to the Briefing Room regularly to pick up your missions and report on your patrols. Failure to report will result in consequences you don't want to think of.

Sub-boards: Mission Trackers, Retired Missions

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No New Posts Lounge

The Lounge is a great place to be if you are off duty or on your break. Luxury couches and pristine tables are set up in the spacious room for your relaxing convenience. Computer terminals and phone lines are set up so that work or other investigations can be done in comfort.

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Sol Resistance Campsite

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Assigned Pokemon

Come receive your partner to aid you in the fight.

1 1
No New Posts Operations Tent

The largest tent stationed at the center of the campsite welcomes any Sol that is ready to fight the good fight. Pick up any missions they have here.

Sub-boards: Mission Trackers, Retired Missions

7 9
No New Posts Campgrounds

Located off of the Noctis Map, the Campgrounds are a safe place for the Sol Resistance to meet and discuss their plans. Tents are set up on dry, dirt grounds and some Resistance members have brought their families to live here. Tall grass circles the campsite, helping shield everyone from plain sight.

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Other Areas

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Trainer Venue

The Trainer Venue is a large, clean building that offers many activities and services for trainers. It is one of the largest gathering points in Noctis and events or celebrations are often held here. There is also a cozy cafe, complete with an outdoor patio, which is a popular meetup and hangout place for trainers.

Sub-boards: Adoption Center, Safari Zone, Dizzy Spinda Cafe, Trade Center, The Grand Library of Noctis

19 217
No New Posts Trainer Stadium

This dome-like structure is the largest Stadium in all of Noctis. Trainers come from all corners of the region to train themselves here against a number of trainers or even friends.

Sub-board: Archives

9 72
No New Posts Breeding Barns

Aligned in rows are different coloured and decorated barns that are owned by the Breeders of Noctis. Each barn holds its own Pokemon and prices.

Sub-boards: Warmest Winter, The Taranis Terranium, Vita Nova, Montague Ménagerie

20 39
No New Posts Poke Playground

This particular playground is a ground area strictly for Pokemon. Trainers may not enter here but may allow their Pokemon to be left here to socialize, relax, play, or even battle. Although called a 'playground', the Poke Playground is more of a resort for Pokemon. A special hotel is kept for the Pokemon that need to stay overnight and it houses facilities such as a Poke spa, pool, fields, climate-controlled areas, parks, and of course - a playground.

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No New Posts Rifca Forest

A dense accumulation of trees make up Rifca forest. Sunlight is still able to hit the ground for the most part, allowing colourful patches of flora and fauna to decorate the forest. This forest has an almost magical vibe to it, as if something is here that cannot be seen to the naked eye...but you're probably just imagining it.

1 1
No New Posts Eloisa Beach

A delightful beach and home to a five-star resort, Eloisa is the number one tourist attraction and center of vacation commerce. The sands are warm and clean, the waters ranging from rapid to calm, and small trees near the boardwalk give shade to those who seek it.

Sub-boards: Eloisa Resort, Boardwalk

3 23
No New Posts Mountain Range

The mountain range is a belt of enormous peaks that have been standing for centuries. The mountains themselves are hazardous to cross and it is recommended for inexperienced adventurers to hire a guide, but it is not mandatory.

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No New Posts The Great Canyon

The Great Canyon is a testament to the beauty of nature; after decades of erosion, this amazing spectacle has gradually formed. A guide is recommended and often sought for when exploring this canyon, for it is a labyrinth of passages and one can become easily lost within.

Sub-board: The Cryptic Ruins

2 2
No New Posts Javehl Volcano

While considered 'active', this Volcano has been sleeping for nearly a century and most have deemed to it be safe to traverse. There are caverns and openings along the Volcano to reach it's heated interior as well as paths circling the outside.

Sub-board: Hot Springs

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No New Posts Ice Valley

This particular piece of terrain has somehow been stuck in an infinite state of winter. Ice and snow cover the flat grounds and there are no trees or plant life. If you manage to navigate further into the white abyss, snowy mountains begin to form, some of which that hold caverns that Pokemon tend to nest in.

Sub-board: Snow Maze

10 107
No New Posts London Town

The cleanest and arguably the most beautiful place in Noctis, London Town's homes and buildings are built with bleached stone. The architecture is greatly detailed and aged, signalling that this town has been standing for quite some time. The roads are paved with decorative stone and the town square houses potted flowers, polished benches, and a fountain at it's middle.

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No New Posts Castle Black

Once the home of a noctorious mage that brought dark times upon Noctis, the castle has now been long abandoned. It's blackened stone walls are chipping from the lack of care and it's insides are littered with cobwebs and dust.

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No New Posts Timeless Portal

Dancing spirals of purple beckon you to enter. This is the only thing standing in the darkness all around you. How did you get here, anyways...?
This board takes you back to any point in time.

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